Attorney Discipline Defense

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As an attorney, you know that obtaining your professional license and ability to practice in Washington is a significant investment. However, if a grievance or complaint has been filed against you under the Rules for Enforcement of Lawyer Conduct, your career could be in serious jeopardy. A grievance may be filed by a judge, an upset client, or even an opponent who is being malicious and retaliatory. Regardless of who filed the complaint, not only do you face potential disciplinary action but your reputation is on the line.

At a critical time like this, it is absolutely imperative that you consult with an experienced discipline defense attorney in Snohomish County as soon as possible. Working with a lawyer well versed in attorney defense may be the key to avoiding disciplinary actions like suspensions, disbarment, and reciprocal discipline. Even seemingly minor complaints have the potential to result in severe consequences, so taking action right away is of the utmost importance.

Attorney Elizabeth Turner has worked with dozens of lawyers facing disciplinary hearings, and can apply her expertise and resources to your case. By providing you with comprehensive legal support throughout every stage of the disciplinary proceedings, Attorney Turner can help increase the chances that the situation at hand will be resolved in your favor. Although it may be tempting to represent yourself in a matter such as this, you stand a much better chance of receiving a positive result in your case if you are represented by a skilled, non-biased lawyer. Attorney Turner’s past experience as Counsel to the Disciplinary Board gives her a unique background that could be just what you need for your particular circumstances.

Contact Elizabeth Turner today to discuss your case in detail and to begin forming a sound defense strategy that gives you the best possible chance of success.